Relationships are a part of life that each of us deal with on a daily basis and we all have a part to play in the strength of them. Good, healthy, and strong relationships don’t just happen on their own, but they take effort and work from each of the individuals involved. In order to create, strengthen, and build long lasting and fruitful relationships we need to have a solid foundation to build upon which is found in the Word. With the Word of God as our cornerstone, we’re laying the groundwork to begin strong and as we continue to apply Godly principles, we’ll see that He will continue to guide us and show us how to flourish in our relationships.

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At the beginning of each year we choose to start by participating together as a church family with 21 days of prayer and fasting. Whether this is your first time or you’ve participated several times, we encourage you to join together with us. Click on the link below to get more information regarding prayer and fasting as well as to join the devotional on the Bible app that we’ll be doing together.

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God brings the dead to life; He is the GOD of miracles! In this series your faith will be boosted to develop an expectation for miracles in your life.

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Many times we have our life planned out the way we think it should go and we get so focused on doing things our way that we don’t take the time to consider if our plan lines up with God’s plan. Fulfilling His plan should be our goal in life and far outweighs anything we could think or imagine on our own. We should all purpose in our hearts that when God speaks to us we will not sway to the left or to the right, but we will do exactly what He tells us.

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When things get tough, don't let up, just put your head down and keep your foot on the gas! This series by Pastor Peggy is all about staying on the path that God has for you.

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